Toshiba Volume Problems

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Toshiba Volume Problems

My Toshiba's volume will randomly go up and down.  It never blares and it never gets so quiet you can't hear it, but it distinctly goes up and down in volume every few minutes.  Any ideas why?  Should I take it in?  Will it be expensive to fix?  I believe the tv cost about $350 a couple years ago.

Larry Dillon
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There is three things that

There is three things that can cause this on a toshiba TV set.  First one,  it could be the front buttons are intermittant and are leaky, two, it could be a bad coupling capacitor in the audio section of the set,  and three  it could be a bad audio output IC.  Im betting its a number 2 problem and will get worse over time to where one day the set wont have any sound at all.  On all of these problems though,  Its not a fix a layman can do themselfs, as this is a solid state set and it had no user replaceable parts inside of it.   So if you want to invest a hundred bucks or so into this set then i would highly recomend that you take the set into a local repair depot for an estimate.  Let us know please how yopu made out with this set and if you had an estimate or bought a new  one.  Good Luck

Matt Whitlock
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Easier suggestion:  it could

Easier suggestion:  it could be a "smart sound" setting in the audio menu that tries to adjust the TV volume automatically  for commercials and such. Many TVs have it, and it's called something different for each brand. On their newer TVs, they call it "StableSound". Give that a look before you take it in for repair.

Steven Mercury Lance
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I actually had this problem

I actually had this problem on my LED 39L22U. I turned ON stable sound and it took the problem away. But I have a computer setup into it, so that may make a difference. Either way, just figured I would share that.

Steven Mercury Lance
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Mine does not go up and down.

Mine does not go up and down. On certain channels, I cannot get enough volume. What can I do?


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