mp3 won't play !!

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mp3 won't play !!

Was wondering if anyone can help me fix a SOKEN F - 230A !( i know it was bought in Thailand!)

It isn't being recognised by the computer when i stick it in and won't play. Soken sites have ways to repair different models with similar problems but i can't find anything on this model!

I think it was pulled out of computer before the icon was dragged into the trash!

Please help .i have a very despondant son next to me :o). 

Thanks ,


Matt Whitlock
It sounds like you're running

It sounds like you're running a Mac? To make sure the unit is functional, have you tried plugging it in to a computer using Windows XP? 

I am running a Mac....

I am running a Mac.... however my other son has an identical device and it is working fine. Also the problem one had been working on the computer ..I think  something has been done wrong while downloading onto it?


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