Motorola V3 keeps shutting down

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Carl Gardner
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Motorola V3 keeps shutting down

This was my first mobile phone, so I'm a bit hopeless about the technology. It's 18 months old now. Yesterday the phone sarted misbehaving - keys not responding to my touch, suddenyl wanting to connect to the web with my having asked it to - and today it's begun shutting down all the time on its own, although it's fully charged. This morning it wouldn't switch on at all; then eventually I got it to switch on, but it'd only work for about five minutes before shutting down. Now, it's been working for about ten minutes and I've actually been able to pick up texts.

Has anyone any idea what the problem might be, and what I should do? Is it something simply like the battery needs replacing (the phone's not telling me anything like that!), or is it possible this is some other temporary problem and my phone might be slowly recovering?


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