Canon ES8600 Analog Camcorder

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Martin J. Rosenthal
Canon ES8600 Analog Camcorder

This unit will playback a video tape on its LCD screen or viewfinder but will not display an image on the LCD screen or viewfinder in record mode.  All the camera functions are displayed on the LCD screen or viewfinder in either playback or record mode.  This unit obviously has a faulty component for its record/camera function.  Canon charges a flat $157.00 + tax to repair the unit.  Any worthwhile suggestions are appreciated.  Thank you.

Larry Dillon
Thats not a bad price what so

Thats not a bad price what so ever.  I know repair peeps that charge 150 just to look at the unit.  And 200 to 250 labor.  Your problem is most likly a faulty ccd element or the drive circuit board.  If you like the camcorder I would send that puppy in to be repaired, but is it worth it to you/  good Luck and let us know if and when you get it fixed and what had to be done.


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