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Mick W

I have a problem recording from my Decks and CD's through my mixer.

Channels - Line/Phono  x 2 Record and master 

 It used to work fine but I took the CDR out and after putting it back in Ive done something wrong that is preventing me recording properly.

 I have two SL 1200 decks run through a mixer(phono) as do my CDplayers (Line).

My Master out lead  from the mixer is plugged into my Amp Aux/phono and the CDR analog in is connected to the Amp Rec out. The CDR Analog out is connected to the Line on the Mixer.

 A I record shows for the internet I have not had any problems before, however now the recording levels are erratic and the sound when recorded is bassy !! , in addition the mic output is poor. Any ideas please ,this is driving me nuts !! 


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