mp3 crisis! SEG mp56

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mp3 crisis! SEG mp56

I bought this SEG mp3 player while abroad, and now i am having major problems with it and there is no company website to find out any information.

I have OSX and i erased all the files from the mp3 player on my computer. Now when i turn on the device, it tells me there are no files but when i plug it into my cpmuter it tells me that the device is full. I also can manually find the files on the mp3 player in the trash, but i can only bring one file at a time, and if i try to erase that one file, the mp3 player tells me the file does not exist.
Matt Whitlock
You can try to reformat the

You can try to reformat the drive using the OSX disc management utility. Find the MP3 player volume, and erase it using the MS-DOS file format. 
Hopefully that'll get you up and running again.

Well it seems that both u and

Well it seems that both u and me have the same mp3 player but i dont have any problems anyway the website is also u can try to install a new firmware to it (google it ) ... hope it would get a fine result .


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