Camcorder DVD File Format not recognised - why?

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Camcorder DVD File Format not recognised - why?

I've got a Panasonic D100EB DVD Camcorder unit from which I am trying to extract scenes to make home movies.
I've been told by the technical support team from Jessops to do the following (except it does not work).

Format DVD on Camcorder as Video format (Done)

Record then Finalise (Done). Then insert into DVD drive on PC (Done).

Import "Movie" into Windows Movie Maker by using "File" - "Import to collections" (Have gone through these steps).

Problem = When I get to the actual import files stage the source (DVD)appears as blank until I select the "All Files" (*.*). The files = Video_TS, Video_TS.BUP, Video_TS.INFO,VTS_01_0.BUP, VTS_01.0.INFO and VTS_01_1

(Not MPEG2 or AVI). When I then selct them and try and import an error message appears telling me this is an unsupported file format.

I've also tried this using Pinnacle Studio Ver 10 and the same thing happens.

Can anyone figure out what I need to do please as my will to live is packing it's bags and heading for the door. Kind regards, Bernard

I bet it's as simple as omitting to tell you to press the yellow button on the remote when you have attached your X Box 360 to the telly :(

Matt Whitlock
Windows Movie Maker won't

Windows Movie Maker won't extract VOB files directly off a DVD disc. You'll need a program to rip the DVD movie off the disc and encode it to a compatible format, like WMV, AVI, MPG, etc.

There are several programs out there that are capable of this. Some are freeware, some are paid programs. A few examples include Nero Recode and WinAVI Video Converter. A Google search should yeild many, many more.



Thank you very much for clarifying this - make it easy, don't they?





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