Lost HDD Password To Gateway Solo 5150

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Lost HDD Password To Gateway Solo 5150

Forgot my HDD password to my Gateway Solo 5150 laptop. I can't get to the Bios Utility without it.  The F2 setup key brings me to the HDD password screen.  How can I get to the operating system or safemode without the password.  I no longer have the recovery cd and the operating system won't power up from the CD.

mines to and the laptop wont

mines to and the laptop wont go to the main screen where all the stuff is and i need help really badly and i forgot my password to the laptop so now i cant see nothing but that and the hdd password thing o and also my laptop needs a date and time since i havent used it for a long time and you know what else i dont have a cd rom disc thing so know almost everything in my laptop and oustside my laptop is missing so im halfway laptopless and to be sureim missing one of my keys from the laptop one of the arrow keys to be exact and if anybodys gonna help my laptop is a gateway solo 5000 its the 2000 kind its really old i know thats why im hoping to get a new one but i didnt get my tax return money yet im trying to get this one fixed so i can give it to my friend so we can video chat on skype or with my girlfriend since she already has a laptop man somebody help me please

First log into the bios and

First log into the bios and set the time/date if that doesnt fix the password try logging into it in safemode and going into the control panel and removing the password from the user accounts.


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