DVD/VCR says ERROR help!!

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DVD/VCR says ERROR help!!

We own a Toshiba DVD/VCR Home Theater System SD-V55HTSU Last night while rewinding a VHS tape, more than 1 button was accidently hit. It now says ERROR. It shuts off, no sound, VCR heads moving as I can hear it, but seems it stuck. Ejector button won't work. I can sometimes get sound or play the DVD, but the VCR is not working. I think the tape is stuck. How do I fix this, how do I get it out?

Larry Dillon
First thing to do is reset

First thing to do is reset the unit.. How do you do thats? Easy, Simply unplug it for several hours. not just a few minutes. If that doesnt work get back with us and we will assist you farther. Post back and let us know how you made out .. GOOD LUCK Oh and thanks for visiting http://www.techlore.com save post for future use!

A brummett
My home theatre system model

My home theatre system model sd v55htsu does not power on. I have unplugged and plugged help


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