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Digital Camera Help?

In February i got a new Kodak Digital Camera and i have taken pictures and uploaded them many of times. I havn't used my digital camera to upload pictures for a few weeks and yesterday when i tried to upload pictures from the digital camera using a USB port the removable disk e drive wouldn't show. So i tryed my phone USB wire in the same port and the removable disk e drive showed. I then tryed my webcam USB in the same port as i had tried with my digital camera and my phone USB wire and it loaded it's just my digital camera that won't show the removable disk e drive. I have tried all of the different USB ports and it doesn't show in any of them. I unistalled Kodak and reinstalled it and it still wouldn't show. I have tried my digital camera on another computer and the removal disk e drive loads so it's not faulty. I went to:
Start>Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager and it had a little exlamation mark next to the Kodak Digital Camera and the USB one too. If someone could help me figure out this problem it would be a massive help. Also i tried going to run and typing in e:/ but it just wouldn't show nothing. Thanks Aimee x

Matt Whitlock
Hi AimeeRidley,

Hi AimeeRidley,

You're not the only person I've encountered that has trouble connecting and transferring pictures with a Kodak Digital Camera. In fact, it's a fairly common problem. The Kodak EasyShare software suite is far from easy.

I'd recommend picking up an external flash memory reader and bypassing the camera all together when transferring pics. Most Kodak Digital camera's use SD cards, but you should double check before you buy one. You can find many inexpensive SD card readers at Amazon.

These links should also help you understand the benefits of external memory readers:

Best of luck.

Thank you for the help. Isn't

Thank you for the help. Isn't there another way that i can solve this problem because i don't think i will be able to get a SD Card. Isn't there any other way that i could solve this problem.

Matt Whitlock
Your camera should already

Your camera should already contain some form of flash memory card. What is the model number of the camera you own?

If you've already reinstalled the EasyShare software package, you can try to point XP to the correct driver manually.

In the device manager:

  1. Right click on the camera device with the explanation point 
  2. Choose "update driver"
  3. If you know exactly where the drivers from your camera were installed, choose manual and point to the appropriate files. If you don't let Windows search for it. 
  4. If given the option to search Windows Update for the driver, enable it. 
  5. Start the search and see if Windows finds it.

Post back with your results. 

It is a Kodka EasyShare V530.

It is a Kodka EasyShare V530. I followed your steps but it couldn't continue because they had already had the most updated software. What do you mean by if you know exactly where the drivers from your camera were installed. I'm not a very technical person. I like really need help badly. Do you know why my USB isn't being recgonized?  When i double click on the kodak digital camera with the explanation mark next to it says:

Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

Matt Whitlock
The camera requires a driver

The camera requires a driver so the computer can recognize and operate the device. If this was not installed properly, then the computer will not be able to use the device. I'm sure USB support is functional, the exclamation point in the device manager is indicating a problem with the camera, not the USB controller itself.

You can try unplugging the camera, then completely uninstalling the EasyShare software. Uninstall the camera completely (right click on the item indicating your camera with the exclamation point and choose uninstall.) Reinstall the EasyShare software. Reboot the computer, and then plug back in the camera. That may solve your problem. 

If you never want to deal with this again, you should seriously consider getting a flash card reader as I mentioned above. Your camera stores pictures on a little removeable card (SD/MMC format in your camera) that you can easily take out and stick into a reader to transfer pictures. Readers are about 10-20 bucks at your local electronics store (sometimes even less). Seriously, it will be the best accessory you ever buy for your camera, and they're truly plug and play.

debbie desroisers
 i purchased a fugu A330
 i purchased a fugu A330 digital camera about 6 months ago and am now experiencing some problems taking pctures or video.  the display screen says focusing error and won't let me do anything   could you help
how can i put back my picrues

how can i put back my picrues in my MMC?

i accident deleted my

i accident deleted my pictures in my MMC, how can i put back my all pictures ? pls......, its very important to me.


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