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My Sony DCR TRV900E does not record any sounds via the onboard mic. It records sounds OK when using an external mic. Olayback of old tapes are OK. Any suggestions please.

Are there are small stick like mics on the market.


Larry Dillon
Yes , we have seen this

Yes , we have seen this problem before.  It is the Mic unit itself , as it is a powered element type mic, or the jack itself is bent internally, or in a rare case could be a coupling capacitor.  I have seen external mic's work fine with camcorders but, they may not be as good, or sensitive, depending on the type and quaility of the microphone you get.  The original microphone units, and the microphone jack is available at The Part Store Addy is  The part number for the microphone unit is 141801411 and the jack assembly is 305194201..  If you feel comfortable with taking out the tiny screws and sliding out the Microphone assembly , (it unplugs very easy)  turn on the camera and try to record, Stick a tiny pin on the top of the white wire and see if you hear a hum.  If you do then the Mic. is bad. If you dont, it could be the jack is bad or the coupling capacitor is defective.  if you want a reliable place to get an estimate, theres a few on-line that I have heard of others who have had good luck with them check them out!   Let us know please how you made out with this.. GOOD LUCK!

Hi Larry

Hi Larry

Just to update you I took the front end off but could not find a White Wire having now obtained a servicing manual  I have identified the wires as red or black. Partstore were very helpful but they do not ship to the UK I had to enlist the help of a friend to buy and pay for the parts, they are now enroute. Finding spares in the UK is extremely difficult. I managed to source the mike at $72 so I bought it from partstore for $23.31

Will keep you posted

many thanks Stan

Larry Dillon
Oh thats great. Yes please

Oh thats great. Yes please do let us know.. Ok My manual said the wire was white.. Yours hot wire to the Mic is red. Turn on the camera and touch the pin at the top of the red wire to see if you hear a hum when touched.



Hi Larry

At last good news I eventually received my new microhones from Partstore via my friend in Hartford and have installed them and recording is now fine.

A few points for you,  the defective mics did not "hum" when I touched the wires with a pin.

my mic jack checked out OK. I have since downloaded a parts catalogue and think the correct part number for the mic jack is FP22 1-670-989-21 (item 425 refers) the jack is an integeral part of the

FP22 flexible board.

Now some news for other foreigners(like me) Partstore were extremely helpful but could not ship directly to the UK and also their system would not accept my Mastercard as it did not recognise a UK zip code.  On the parts from Partstore some items had the name Hermanelectronics (.com) on the labels. I called them in Miami and they confirmed they do in fact ship worldwide and also accept credit cards worldwide.

Finally Larry,  Many thanks for your kind assistence

regards  Stan


Larry Dillon
Many thanks for your kind

Many thanks for your kind words, and thanks as well for the information. I will note that about Herman Electronics, as I have used them when I lived down in Hollywood Florida, not to far from Miami. Oh and thanks again for letting us know your outcome.

and thanks both of you. I've

and thanks both of you. I've got the same problem. Only realised it when playuing back the film of my daughter's 1st birthday. Big shame. I just have to keep using my external mic until I get brave enough to take my camcorder apart...


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