Turn off channel display: Sony Trinitron Vega

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Turn off channel display: Sony Trinitron Vega

Hi. I inherited my Mom's tv and don't have the manual.
Can anyone tell me how to make the green channel number in the upper right hand corner of the screen go away?

Should be obvious, but I've tried just about everything.



Larry Dillon
Jimbro, the only way to turn

Jimbro, the only way to turn off that display is with the original sony remote.  Sorry to have to inform you of this,but it is what it is.   I have seen this time after time in lots of customers homes.  A universal remote will not work to turn off the display.  One more Idea for you though. I used to carry around a sony remote, as most sony remotes will work almost any sony TV to a point. Simply find a friend with a sony, TV ask to borrow the remote, go home and press the display button and you just saved yourself the cost of a remote.  Now you can purchase a universal remote to switch the TV on and off, raise and lower the volume, and also switch the channels.  If you want to buy the remote you can call 1-800 remotes, or go to http://www.remotes.com as this the the least expensive place I have found for original replacement remotes.  Let us know how you made out Good Luck

Thanks much for the helpful

Thanks much for the helpful info, Larry.

I think the original remote is around somewhere.

I just need to locate it.

Thanks again.


Larry Dillon
No Problem Jim . Come back

No Problem Jim . Come back soon and see all out neat articles as we have lots of good info available.. Tell your friends!

the channel information will

the channel information will not go off on my sony tv. I have tried 3 different sony remotes to get it off but it does nto go away. if there something that i am missing and not doing.

Larry Dillon..you are 100%

Larry Dillon..you are 100% right...the only way to remove the channel no. diplays
on your TV screen is to USE THE ORIGNAL REMOTE CONTROL AND PUSH THE DISPLAY BUTTON while aiming it toward the tv eye...

use fresh batteries in your old remote conrol.


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