LX3000D DVD & Surround Sound System

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Larry Ellis
LX3000D DVD & Surround Sound System

I have a LX3000D DVD & Surround Sound System, and I am receiving no sound through the 5 speakers and sub woofer. All other features of the unit including the DVD unit function as normal, it's just that the sound comes through the TV rather than the surround system.

I have checked the fuses inside the unit and they don't appear to have blown. I am therefore at a loss as to what could be causing the loss of sound to all speakers? i little while ago the speakers suddenly kicked in and worked for 15 minutes until I switched the unit off, but they have not worked since. 


Disconnect all speakers, then

Disconnect all speakers, then hook up one speaker at a time. The first speaker should work, if not, try each one until one works, then continue hooking them up(one by one) until the sound cuts out. If you can't get any of the speakers to work, the output IC might be blown or wiring is shorted somewhere.


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