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RCA rs 1285

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So my stereo ( RCA rs 1285) is starting to get on my nerves.  Been happy with it for a long time since I bought it ... until now.  It seems to have problems playing cd's.  It plays some cd's and some it just doesn't seem to be able to read.  And then some it won't play but if I open and close the tray to get it to try reading it again, it will eventually play it.  I'm wondering if there's something in there that might need "dusting" or something.  Basically, it just seems to be real picky these days on what cd's it feels like playing.  It's a 5 slot CD tray, and most of the time it will only play 1 in 5.  If I switch the cd's around, it will still end up playing the "favored" cd.

lol, am I making any sense!? 

 Any help would be appreciated!



Grab some rubbing alcohol and

Grab some rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. Dip the q-tip into the rubbing alcohol and GENTLY brush the laser lens. Then quickly use the other side to dab the lens dry(otherwise, I've found the alcohol will leave a blurry outline). That should solve the problem, otherwise it might need a new optical pickup. 

Larry Dillon
Good Point Jexx .. Read this

Good Point Jexx .. Read this as maybe it will help. Good Luck http://www.techlore.com/article/14550/

Ah! I was looking for that

Ah! I was looking for that article!Smile Thanks Larry. 

Larry Dillon
Jexx, hope your havin fun

Jexx, hope your havin fun here . Im glad you decided to join us, as I told you this was a great and interesting site. If you want to see any new articles, at the top of the sign on page, simply point to articles and a pulldown will come up to go to new articles and the other articles as well/.Theres lots there to read. Good Luck and again glad you decided to join us. Pass along this web page to our other buds!!


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