Best Speaker+Reciever system ($750)

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Best Speaker+Reciever system ($750)

Is there a good site where the various recievers and speakers are ranked?

Also, what are your suggestions of a set-up (reciever, speakers and cables) for the following needs:

1. Would like a 5.1 kind of a system

2. Budget is around $700-$800

3. My living room is not too big... so power might not be a big factor.

4. Sound Quality is extremely important - people consider me to be an audiophile

5. I would be mainly using it to connect it to my DVD player for movies (15% of the time) , to my TV (25% of the time) and to my computer for playing mp3s (60% of the time). In my computer I have the Cambridge X-Fi soundcard.

All suggestions are welcome... have not surveyed the market for some yrs now... so am out of touch.


Larry Dillon
Ok we have lots of articles

Ok we have lots of articles here refering to audio. I will give you a few links and then you can simply go under the udio section and see if there are more(and im sure there will be!)                     These are a few of the great articles we have here at  . The best thing to do is find out what type of equipment the audio place sells in your area, and then go on line to see the differant types your interested in, get prices, specs, and Availability,  so you will be ready to ask questions. If your knowledgeable about audio, then go into the store and ask away.  Theres all sorts of on-line web sites for audio equipment. Just make sure they are legit first, before sending any money.   My brother-in-law and a friend got ripped off by an on line store a few years ago.  Need any more advice, please ask away, as we have a couple of real experts here on audio.  Good Luck                        .

Matt Whitlock


Did you make a buying decision? What did you get? 


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