downloading a picture message

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margaret ann
downloading a picture message

i have just recieved a new sony ericsson mobile phone, as im very new to this phone or may be its my age!!!!i can not download a picture message it keeps telling me that the download failed because of a commincation error

what does that mean also what do i do to put this right

Have a motorola Razr mobile

Have a motorola Razr mobile phone. Cannot download or receive pictures, keeps saying cannot download try later. Can you help me in solving this problem.

Larry Dillon
Both of you, check with your

Both of you, check with your service providers as maybe they forgot to activate this service for your service? As when I updated last year, i never had the ability to text, and this new phone did text messageing, but the service provider did not have it active on my service. let us know how you made out , and good Luck


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