casette eject do not work - samsung vp-d361

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casette eject do not work - samsung vp-d361

I have just bought dv cam samsung vp-d361 and figure that mehanism for ejection casette is not working. When i press the button for casette eject only the plastik part moves on right side but the rest of the mehanism do not move - do not open spece for casette. I went to the other store, try another camera-the same type and when i press eject buton just after the plastik think moves aside , the mehanism starts working. So i realised that i have to take my camera to servis, becasue i bought it in Italy airport and i am allready in Spain so i do not have garanty.
What i am interested is is it a big damage ?
How much time and money will it cost me to repair it.
Is it a common thing with dv cams?

thanks, Vladan

p.s. all other function on cameras like zoom, many, time , etc.. is working perfectly

Larry Dillon
Its a shame, as you just

Its a shame, as you just bought the unit. The problem could be as simple as something bent on the door/carrage assembly, all the way up to a main cam in the unit is out of timing and this can take alot of time alighning and calibrating a mechanical mechanism. Have you tryed to contact samsung online yet and tell them your story?. Mabe they will help you. I wish I could tell you something about this, but without the proper tools and test jigs, not to mention the training involved to take one of these mechanisms apart and back together again. Try here and Good Luck!!    Let us know what you find out. Thanks!


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