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bad disc

  Why does the dvd say bad disc? DVD works fine and plays disc in the living room. I have a Cyberhome Progressive scan video mp3. Model # CH-DVD300ZS1. I checked the connections and they are ok. I put in a disc cleaner and it also gives messege bad disc. HELP ME PLEASE.

I reread my messege and I

I reread my messege and I must specify. I have 2 dvd players. One in the living room. that one works fine. One in my daughters room, that one gives the messege bad disc.

Thank you, rymerino

Larry Dillon
You may need to take apart

You may need to take apart the unit and lightly clean off the lens manually. With a clean cotton swab dipped lightly in plain alcohol.  If that doesnt help , it could possibly need an alighnment or the tracking/focus servo has a problem.  If it's an inexpensive unit, Im afraid it may not be worth having it looked at by a pro. Good Luck


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