Laptop Audio to Sony LCD TV

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Laptop Audio to Sony LCD TV

Hi there,

If anyone can help here I would be very grateful indeed.

I am trying to connect my laptop computer to a new Sony LCD TV. The visuals are perfect (connected via an SVGA cable) however the sound is very "hissy" when I plug in the laptop powersource.

I am currently connecting the audio using 3.5mm stereo jack to 3.5mm stereo jack and when the laptop powersource is unconnected (i.e. just using the battery) the sound is absolutely perfect.  

The jack to jack cable is 10m long and I suspect that I am picking up interference from the laptop powersource but I don't know how to eliminate this.

I have heard of TOSLINK cables but am unsure of whether these would be appropriate or not.

If anyone can give any advice on this it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.




Matt Whitlock
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There may not be anything you

There may not be anything you can do besides try a different length
cable, and maybe one with better shielding in case the interference is
coming externally. However, the noise in your signal probably stems
from inside the notebook, which is common in computer products with
integrated sound.

Many laptops do not include a digital output,
but I'd need to know what laptop you're using in order to check. If it
doesn't, you could pick up Creative's Audigy 2 ZS Notebook card, which has a digital output,
cleaner analog, and much better sound quality than the integrated sound
chip currently being used in your notebook.

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Many thanks indeed for your

Many thanks indeed for your reply.

The laptop is an ACER ASPIRE 3000.



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