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Not connecting to computer

I just bought a electric red flikx mp3 player. According to the manual, when i plug it into my usb port, a red ight will flash on (on the player) then a green light, then a red light is supposed to flash while itinstalls drivers etc. however, with mine, a red lights flashes, then a green comes on but then it flashes GREEN instead of red. Nothing appears on my screen and it is not reading it whatsoever. Other devices work in the usb so i know thats not the problem. any help would this is appreciated

I'm having the same problem. 

I'm having the same problem.  At first it worked no problem and I
loaded a bunch of stuff onto it....when i went to switch it up thats
when i had the usb unknown device errors...ive been searching
everywhere for a driver for it.  I cant even find a website of the


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