samsung vp-d303d camcorder problems

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helpme please
samsung vp-d303d camcorder problems

can you tell me why my samsung camcorder (vp-d303d) models picture wont work properly. when i turn it on camera mode the picture seems to be black & white,fuzzy with thin lines running down screen. and after about 5 mins, it starts to get some focus,with limited colour. all the red coloured things are pink,and when i face white light, it goes funny. but when i go on player mode, it plays the tape-cassette perfect. please can anybody help its hardlys been used....???

Larry Dillon
This is an article I found

This is an article I found several months ago about your problem It could be the CCD sensor causeing it .. Contact Samsung to see if they have a recall on the CCD sensors In the first half of October, 2005, a number of digital camera and camcorder manufacturers issued service advisories involving a range of digital camera models (as well as some digital camcorders and PDAs that incorporate image sensors). In each case, the story was similar - CCD (image sensor) failures, particularly in conditions of high heat and humidity, led to cameras capturing images with either no picture at all, or with extreme distortion and severe purple or green color casts. An example of the latter symptom, courtesy of the Konica Minolta Europe website, can be seen further down this page. We first started hearing about this problem in late September and early October, 2005, with a significant increase in reader emails about it in the first week of October. The problem understandably caused considerable concern among our readers, with many wondering whether this was an ongoing problem that could affect current cameras. Initial service advisories by Sony, Canon, Fujifilm and Konica Minolta were soon followed by announcements by Nikon, Ricoh, and Olympus. Affected cameras were all manufactured between 2002 and 2004, the underlying problems have apparently been found and corrected, so no cameras currently on the market are affected. (We are assured by sources that new cameras purchased today will not be affected by this problem. See the "What caused this problem" section at the bottom of this document, for a more detailed discussion of possible causes.) We here at Imaging Resource did a little digging into the problem, and it appears that the problems trace to certain models of image sensor chips manufactured by Sony between 2002 and 2004. (Fujifilm has stated that they manufacture their own CCD chips, so it's not clear whether or not the problems with their cameras are in fact related to those of the other makers.) What the problem looks like The problem can take any of several forms, but all involve severe color shifts and/or severe distortions of the image. The images below show two examples (courtesy of Konica Minolta) of what the problem might look like, if your camera falls prey to it. In the early stages of the problem, the camera may still capture recognizable images, but with a washed-out appearance and a strong magenta or green tint. Good Luck and the contact is

helpme please
hi thanks for the information

hi thanks for the information. any ideas of how much it would cost to fix the ccd sensors. because my warranty has ran out. have tried samsung but they just say havent got model or parts no more.this is driving me mad it cost me £400 2 years ago,and has only been used about 5 times. thanks anyway...

Larry Dillon
If Samaung says they dont

If Samaung says they dont have parts anymore for this model, I would  Contact Samaung again and see who there authorized deall/servicers are in your area and contact them and see if they have any parts for this model. This is a shame that after two years , you have to Throw away and buy a new one. I remeber in the old days(not really that long ago) manufacturers were required BY LAW to hang on and make parts available for there products for seven years!  Sorry i couldnt assist you more with this ?. Good Luck

I am trying to convert the

I am trying to convert the images on my Samsung VP-D303D to my laptop, how can I get the software to do this? I have no disc.

wendy porritt
tried loading my camera to

tried loading my camera to computer doesnt work tried down loading drivers still not working


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