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iitronics IMP-65

can someone please help me!!!!!!!!

i bought my son an iitronics IMP-65 today and for hours i have been unsuccessfully attempting to download music onto it.  using windows media the music files are downloading onto the mps player but when you attempt to play them i keep getting the message "unknow format" i have formatted it and also reinstalled the disk to repair any errors.

Please help me before i have a nervous breakdown.

Ron Repking (not verified)
What format are the music

What format are the music files that you are putting on your MP3 player?  If you are downloading them for iTunes, for example, they will not play on your player.  They need to be MP3 format to work.

i tranferre mp3 files to my

i tranferre mp3 files to my mp3 but wen i unplug it and atempt to play it says no file could it be anything to do with a missing 'WMPinfo' file which i never seemed to have help ?!?!?



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