Sony speaker specs

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Sony speaker specs

A friend of my grandfather gave him a set of Sony floor speakers with two rear speakers.  He didn't get a owners manual.  Since my grandfather is giving the system to me, I was curious about the specifications of the system.  When I looked on the internet to find it, I could not find the specs on them.  It is like they don't exist.  on the back of the floor speakers, the model number is SA-VA3A.  any help would be appreciated. thank you

Matt Whitlock
A search yielded little luck

A search yielded little luck on this end. Sony's support site shows no reference to speakers with that model number. It's possible that these speakers came as part of a stereo system package, which were popular some time ago, and therefore wouldn't be referenced individually.

If you call Sony's Audio/Video support line (1-800-222-7669 or 1-888-772-7669 - Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00AM-10:00PM / Sat-Sun 10:30AM-7:15PM EST), they may be able to tell you more about them, or at least what stereo package they came with. You'd then have more to go on. 

Good luck!



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