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OEM MP3/4 player - instructions


I have just purchased an OEM 1gb mp3/mp4 player from hong kong via ebay.  Trouble is, the instruction manual whilst is in English, it might as well be in Chinese!  It is poorly translated and I cannot understand it at all.  Is there anyone out there who has purchased the same item and can help me.  Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 


Mike B.


I too have the same problem. Would also be grrateful  for some help. same machine bought from same source on ebay. The translation is gobbledegook!

im glad there are other

im glad there are other people who are having problems with these things. And they looked so good!

I am getting the files onto the player but it sais format error when i try and play the song. Its driving me mad. Im not feeling well and i needed this to be simple and its not at all



Mike B.
Hi Stepho

Hi Stepho

My problems are exactly as you describe The mp3 display shows that my cd is downloaded but when i try to play it i get either "empty disk" or "format error" i cannot seem to get past this. i contacted seller by email for better translation of manual but reply was not helpful. basically the advice i got was 1. plug into usb port 2. download and 3. play. tried again to no avail.

I'm hoping that a friend can sort this for me and if so i will post instructions on this site.

Mike B.

Mike B.
OK, problems solved:

OK, problems solved:

1) Make sure you are ripping your files as MP3 with no copy protection - these are settings in Windows Media Player (which I'm using to rip from CD). By default it's set to rip as .wma with copy protection! The files MUST be .mp3 & no copy protection (thats the format error problem). Look in Tools/Options to set this.

2) The MP3 files on the player must be in their own root folder - ie. folder name/mp3 file.  Not folder/folder/MP3 file.  I was just copying the generated folders from Media Player - this will not work - they must be in their own direct root folder. Media Player rips as Artist Folder/Album Folder/Track.mp3 - simply copy the Album Folder onto the player (can be renamed though!)

My player is now working fine. Wouldn't have taken much for the seller to let us know really...

Good job I know someone who can solve probems like this! Laughing

Hope that helps you all.

Hi Guys

Hi Guys

Just wanted to say thanks. Got a couple of albums onto the player now just got to suss out the rest.


 please can someone help me,i

Cry please can someone help me,i have just bought an mp3/mp4 digital player n am totally lost,i do not have a clue how to put any music files onto it at all,i know how to get the radio etc up on it,its just the main thing i.e putting music onto it i cant seem to work out.cheers juls

Hi there, well, here I am

Hi there, well, here I am with the same problems too. I have been all day playing with this mp3 and it is really annoying.

I had the problem of not being able to copy files but I managed to solve it by clicking to the my computer then properties of the driver (right click on removable disc) and then "tools" then "check this volume for errors" and then apply. It worked fine later and I could select a mp3 file from my pc and use the "send to" comand to transfer to the mp3 player.

 Now I have no idea how to move from the radio meny to music menu or to video menu. In all cases I have to switch off the mp3 player. This is wrong...!!! Anyone can help???

Also, the light stays on all the time. How can I turn it off???

Hope to hear from someone!!




I bought a 4G unit on Ebay.

I bought a 4G unit on Ebay. Again the instructions are useless. I managed to down load some 30 songs onto the unit but it will not take any more songs. I looked into the directory of the player and there are a lot of folders with strange symbols that has very large files on them ( gigabytes). Yet when you hover the mouse over this, it saya file empty. I cannot create new folders on the player at all.

It looks like the manufacturer does not even know that it has a problem with the instructions. I searched on the web for instructions and found this web site which at least has likeminded folks on it. Is someone able to put together a comprehensive set of operating instructions and share with us all ?

Thanks in advance.

wee pat
i also bought a mp4 from ebay

i also bought a mp4 from ebay but the problem i am having is that the songs are not going staight on to the mp4 they are going to a folder called removable disc f and then you need to send them to the mp4 from there also the mp4 is only holding 4 to 5 songs at a time then its saying memory full,the mp4 says its only got 17mb of memory and the disc that came with it i think is holding all the memory cause i installed it wrong how do i take the memory from the disc and put it on the mp4 anyone please help its doing my head in.thanks  

wee pat
hi there juls just go into

hi there juls just go into windows media player and select the sync mode then connect your device then drag the songs you want to the sync list then press start sync hope that helps

Hi guys I am planning on

Hi guys I am planning on bying this  OEM Mp4 player .Do you guys suggest this

Please let me know I really appreciate your help


Hi people!

Hi people!

 I've JUST gotten a OEM mp3/4 player for my b'day and im Having SOOOOOOO much trouble with it! First it was reseting it's self when i went to play some music files and it Keeps coming up with 'Format Error' fairly often.  It REALLY gets annoying, lol. 

My second problem is that when i've been putting on mp3's and wma's using the sync on Windows Media Player, some of the files keep corrupting(well, a whole heap of gibberish and strange symbols keep coming up) on the device and some of the files keep multiplying themselves all through the rest of the music folders - erasing & replacing the other files after it.

I've tried to delete the files using WMP and through the device it's self. The device and WMP tell me that there is NO files on the player so I've opened the devices folder on the computer and it  comes up with all these music folders i've put on, but it wont let be delet them.

Please help ASAP. I dont want to have to teturn it cause they'll proably get it back and say theres nothing wrong with it anyway. 

Ta-Very-Much Smile

I have located a well written

I have located a well written manual by a guy called Garry Whittaker. The manual is 46 pages long and Garry Whittaker has written the most easy to follow manual. By following this, I was able toget the Nano clone to work. The website is http://mediacentreexpertblogspot.com. It cost me $7.0 to download the instructions but it got rid of all frustrations in loading songs onto the MP4 player.

Larry Dillon
Sorry fng  the link apears to

Sorry fng  the link apears to be dead or no longer available

my apologies. Spelling error.

my apologies. Spelling error. Please try



Larry Dillon
Thanks fng.  We all like the

Thanks fng.  We all like the working links and I have in the past(lots of times!) posted a dead link or two.  LOL

Does anyone know any power

Does anyone know any power saving techniques for this OEM player, mine only lasts about 2 hours before the battery goes off.

hi like you all i bought the

hi like you all i bought the mp3 on ebay instructions are naff. just wanted to know if after dowloading cds (which im having no problem with) how you select the album you want to listen to apart from going through each albums song one at a time. many thanks

when in the song mode, pause

when in the song mode, pause the song and hit menu, this will take you to the dirictory of the song folder your in, hit menu on root folder and it takes you to everything then just pick the album, hit menu and then go over the song you want to listen to, hit menu and then play and away you go.

Vex said: Does anyone know

Vex said: Does anyone know any power saving techniques for this OEM player, mine only lasts about 2 hours before the battery goes off.

that means the battery is awful.

I bought the player and was

I bought the player and was wondering how to change the background pic when the music plays. Its a flower now. Not cool.  

i got the oem mp3/4 player

i got the oem mp3/4 player off e-bay and can anyone please help me the only screen i have is a hour glass and it has been charged for ever

Rita Chevrolet
Also bought the Chinese mp3

Also bought the Chinese mp3/mp4 with the interesting instructions, mainly wanting to use it for podcasts.  Got good advice on this site to use Doppler to get podcasts, choose My Music/Windows Media Player as destination for files, using Sync in WMP to move files to mp3.  It worked!  very grateful.

amazing instructions with

amazing instructions with this mp3/mp4 player, usually i am able to work with what i have but since i have never owned or operated an mp3/mp4 player before could someone please give me basic instuctions on the software + hardware many thanks in advance

This little tidbit may or may

This little tidbit may or may not help people but it kicked my butt and I thought for a moment that the mp4 player had me beat!

 I have the ebay mp4 player 1GB one and origionally I had charged it then tried hooking it up through my usb port on the front of my computer * you have to love those front spots for easy accessibility * :)  Well I tried to access the player from my computer and the drive was coming up empty and my real media player wouldn't connect at all to it. 

 I spent 3 hours on it and didn't get 1 song on it.  :( 

The next day I tried again and I was hearing a connection sound when I plugged the player in but it wasn't showing up.

 Ok less then an hour later I was loading songs like crazy!

 *** My Idiot Mistake or Assumption ***

I decided to try plugging it into a USB Port on the BACK of my computer.  As soon as I plugged it in I opened the media player drive and I could see all the files and was able to create folders and drop music and videos (converted to vma) right into it.

 So, my learning experience.  If you're connecting through a front side USB Port and are having problems, Connect it to the Back of your Computer USB port!  It worked for me!  

 Good Luck


Just got an MP4 player. 

Just got an MP4 player.  Having trouble downloading songs from limewire music station.  Tried everything including the driver and checking the USB cord.  Please help, this is very upsetting.  Thanks Lizziemuse

Hey guys! I just got my 8GB

Hey guys! I just got my 8GB MP3/4 player. I had the same problems with my 1 GB player with the "format error" and "empty disk" problems. I fixed it by: after putting the files on I went down to the usb tray icon. I right clicked on it to "safely remove the hardware". Sometimes the player is actually still downloading the songs when you unplug it from the PC. It will tell you if it is if you "safely remove the hardware". Now with my current problem, my 8 GB. It was playing fine for a few days until yesterday. I charged it up, and then I turned it off. When I turned it back on, it wouldn't go past the hourglass and boot up. And when I plug the USB cable into it to the player, it gives me the wizard and tells me I'm missing the USB programs to run the player. I can't even open the player from My Computer, because it won't show up there.  Plus, the cd that the guy gave me, off ebay in Hong Kong, doesn't work!!!!!! It just makes weird noises when I put it in. I need help on this one!

I recently bought one of

I recently bought one of these and Im having a hard time putting videos on it. Can someone please give me easy instructions on how to do this?

i am having the same problem.

i am having the same problem...i cant get videos on mine, and i cant get some of my music on it either...my main concern is not geting videos that is something i need more then the music...so i would be greatful to anyone that can help me... 

I actually got rid of mine

I actually got rid of mine last year. Too many problems I couldn't get help for. Since my stupid MP3/4 OEM  player wouldn't boot, I couldn't charge it. So it died on me. It really comes down to the old saying,"You get what you pay for." These OEM's are pieces of crap. The best help you could do yourself is just buy a name brand one. My Samsung YP-T9 is so much easier to use. It comes with the program to throw the music and videos on. So simple compared to the cheaper stuff.



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