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hi i am having problems with my iitronics imp - 11 mp3 player i have got a    1GB memory but i can only see 99 songs on the screen of the player. When i plug in the mp3 player i get a list of over 100 songs and it is telling me that all of these songs are o.k. Then when i go to listen to them on the mp3 it is only showing me 99songs and i cannot access the others. Does anybody no why this is and how i sort it (if i can) or is it something wrong with the actual player as i have got it under a garentee. If any one nos please reply A.S.A.P. thanx

I know whats wrong with it,

I know whats wrong with it, don't worry it's very simple to fix. The MP3 only allows you to have one level of folders, and only allows 99 songs in each folder. So basically, if you want to have more than 99 songs on it, you need to make a new folder - but NOT within an existing folder, as subfolders are ignored. Make a folder on the same level as the MICIN folder.

Hope that helped!

 Do you know how to record on the MP3? I have a 2gb one and I can't remember how to record, plus I lost the instruction book....

Please get back to me on this.

Karynn x

I i have the 512MB mp3

I i have the 512MB mp3 iitronics player

 I can do every feature i know but a few things confuse me

1.) Only 456MB show on the 'disk size'

2.) .lrc files don't work or show up

3.) Upgrade software dosen't do anything!

P.S. To record on the MP3 press and hold the mode button for the main menu, scroll right to REC press mode once, and press play to record!


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