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My partner has lost some digital pictures.

She put the camera in the cradle, then insted of saving all pictures to computer, she decided to take one picture at a time and move from camera into a folder, the problem is that it required her to rename the photo as there was already a photo with this name, but instead of adding some additional letters or numbers to the name, she deleted the whole name including the .jpg symbol and renamed it, something like "john" without the jpg symbol, she said that it seem to save, but she cannot find it on the computer.

The question is, will I be able to find the pictures as they dont seem to be jpgs, would they have saved anyway ?

I have done a search for modified pictures for the day and even files modified, but with no results ?

Please advise.


I tried to recreate the

I tried to recreate the situation, but my camera is dead. so i copied a picture from file and pasted into another folder without an extension. the file saved but a warning told me the file may not be able to be viewed. to answer one of your questions, if she told the computer to save the files, they are almost positively saved. now about finding them, im not sure how you have looked. Try hooking the camera back to the computer and find out where the pictures are going, then see if you can find them.                                            The problem with pictures without extensions...your computer will not see them, so you have to manually look for them in all of the files you think it might be. I just changed the file name for a file to have no extension and ran a search for it. never found it. changed to have extension and found within 3 seconds. Goodluck searching.


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