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can I hook up a 2 channel and a 4 channel amp to the same car system?

Larry Dillon
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Yes you can as you can use

Yes you can as you can use whats called a y adaptor for the inputs if your head unit or radio only has 2 wires BUT most have a front set as well as a rear set. and make sure the amp. outputs are not connected to more then one speaker . Never share amps with the same speaker.  Make the grounds as short as possible and have a designated B+ wire for the B+ for the amps. depending on the current of each amp.  Good Luck

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ok im hooking up a sony

ok im hooking up a sony explode 600wt amp to a sony explode 1100wt 10" sub and the amp is showing it has power but the sub has no sound or isnt working what can i do to fix it

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This should help: http://www

This should help:


Let me know. 


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