t.v. sound thru system

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t.v. sound thru system

i have a sylvania HT6051FB and cannot figure out  how to get my t.v. audio to play thru it. any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Matt Whitlock
Hi whyme,

Hi whyme,

Great question. I found the manual for your Sylvania DVD/AV system online, and was surprised to learn that it has no audio or video inputs.  You can not directly connect another source, like a cable box or TV, to the unit to play back sound through the external speakers. Sylvania has produced this as a DVD and music solution only.

Am I saying it can't be done? Of course not! However,  I'll need to know how you get your TV signals. Do you have a cable or satellite box? Do you plug basic cable or an antenna directly into the TV? 

If you do the latter, and plug in your cable or antenna directly to the TV, you'll need to check and see if your television has an audio output on the back. If it does not, do you also have a VCR? 

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i hook my cable directly to

i hook my cable directly to the t.v. and it has  variable audio out jacks (red and white) . i do not have a vcr hooked up to this t.v.

I appreciate your help.

The Sylvania doesn't even

The Sylvania doesn't even have an optical or coaxial digital input? If it did, you could use the analog-digital converter on clearance at RadioShack to get sound from external sources

Since the unit has an FM tuner, you *could* use an FM transmitter to send external sounds to the Sylvania.

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optical or digital input? i

optical or digital input? i dont think so? what is this convertor you speak of at radio shack? is this something a technically unadvanced person could limp through? still waiting for Matt's input as well. Thanks for any and all help.

Matt Whitlock
Yog, you beat me to it! That

Yog, you beat me to it! That's exactly what I was going to recommend.

whyme, here's what you'll need:

1 FM transmitter, preferably one that can broadcast anywhere on the FM dial. I'm not aware of any AC powered ones, but do some looking around. Worse comes to worse, you can pick up one that has a 12V car plug and use it in conjunction with an AC to DC converter. If you need a recommendation, I've had great luck with the Belkin Portable Music TuneCast II.

You'll need to run to Radio Shack and pick up a 1/8" to stereo RCA cable and a 1/8" female-to-female coupler.



Connect the RCA jacks to the TV and then connect the two 1/8" plugs together with the coupler.

Set the broadcast station on the trasmitter, then tune in your system to listen to your TV broadcast.

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thanks alot guys i will try

thanks alot guys i will try this out.

awesome site as well i will be visiting more.

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one more question= would

one more question= would there be a delay using this set-up? if so that would be very annoying to me. like an old bruce lee movie........sorry i had to.Laughing

Matt Whitlock
Another great question.

Another great question. Introducing the FM transmtter will probably create some delay in the audio, but I doubt it will be like watching a badly dubbed movie. In fact, I don't think it will be bad enough to really notice. Then again, I've never used an FM transmitter for this kind of application, so hold on to receipts in case I'm wrong.

Looking forward to the results of your test!


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