5.1 but no sound, HELP PLEASE

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5.1 but no sound, HELP PLEASE

Hiya, i hope some1 can help me, mite sound simple but its been doing my head in all day. just got a panasonic sc-dt100 dvd/audio 5.1 system, connected it up and no sound will come from any speakers and doesnt seem to be any recognition of the speakers by the system ie. the built in speaker test wont even work! ive re connected from start a few times but no joy. presume its something silly and obvious im missing here and hoping someone reads this whos had same prob but come out smiling in end that can help me!!!

i really need sum help! it is

i really need sum help! it is used but it was my brothers and it was working when he had it setup. he has droped it off to me and gone on holiday so im stuck 4 help. i cant see any switches relevant to the speakers at all. i have a phillips 32pw9525 tv and loads of spare cables for connecting things, im normaly quite good with settting things up but this is really confusing me.

i downloaded the manual off web and that shows u how to set it up which is all really just common sense, but it doesnt hav a lot off helpfull info. all speakers are connected properly and the amps connected to the dvd player, picture and sound from tv but nothing from speakers, i would expect even if tv not connected the speakers should be working when playing dvd or cd?? my brother did say one thing when he gave it to me and that was that it had to be connected through tv for the 5.1 speakers to work, that it wouldnt work as a stand alone player for say music with out going through the tv. the speakers go into amp unit and that is connected to dvd player, ive tried connecting all extras like tv/aux video/aux in/out into the tv to try to get some kind of route for the sound but it doesnt work or make sense to me. ive done all the logical things including trying all settings via remote but it wont recognise the speakers are there, speaker test wont come up and super surround buton brings up 'error' on player. its really starting to kill me, i just want it to work and cant see why it isnt. I REALLY WOULD APPRECIATE HELP FROM ANYONE, ESPECIALY SOMEONE WHO HAS A SC-DT100 SET UP ALLREADY.

Matt Whitlock
Hi Sano,

Hi Sano,

It sounds like you've put a lot of work into troubleshooting the system, and you shouldn't have to run anything through the television in order to get sound to the receiver. Provided the speakers are plugged in to the unit, you should be able to start the radio tuner and tune in a local radio station. Since you can't get the speaker test to function, it sounds like the problems go deeper than a wiring or settings.

I'll be happy to take a glance through your manual and see if anything stands out, but I couldn't find your manual available for download on Panasonic's website. Where did you download it from?

hi matt thx for offering to

hi matt thx for offering to help, i need it!!!


Enter Model Number (if known) = scdt100

can then download instruction manual and operating manual.

really would appreciate if you have a look 4me and let me no any ideas you have.

HELLO MATT?? any ideas??

HELLO MATT?? any ideas?? still aint got it sorted, just using sound through tv at mo and that aint right!! I watched king kong for first time yesterday and want to watch it again with proper sound!!




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