Basic question: Converting audio from DVD into MP3 File

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David Heath
Basic question: Converting audio from DVD into MP3 File

This is a basic question. I did a quick scan but could not see exactly what I was looking for.
(Thanks Ron Repking for some good info!)

I need to convert DVDs of lectures into MP3 files so that listen to on Disc-Man.

What hardware and software will I need?


Matt Whitlock
Hi David, Turning the Audio

Hi David,

Turning the Audio from a DVD into MP3 files is not always easy. First I'll need to know a little about the lectures. Are these commercial copy-proteced DVDs, or something you taped with a camcorder? Is it audio only, or is video with it as well?

The rest really comes down to your computer and what software you have available. Some advanced audio cards let you pull playback audio directly into Windows Recorder, or any other program for that matter. Check your mixer settings Properties --> recording volume to see what's available to you.

If that option isn't available, you can connect your DVD player's audio jacks to your PC's audio input (it should have one) using a RCA to 1/8" cable. Capture it with Windows Recorder or something like Audacity.

The key is that once you get the audio in a digital format on your PC, the rest is cake. You can find a conversion tool to convert WAV files to MP3 or any other format you wish.

I hope that gets you thinking on the right track. I'll be happy to answer follow up questions.


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