Alternative to Sony's SonicStage?

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Alternative to Sony's SonicStage?

The Sony player I have will play MP3s, but for the greatest number of tracks, I have to use Sony's ATRAC3+ format. In order to get songs into that format, I have to use "SonicStage," which is nothing more than colorful bloatware. Has anyone seen a simple utility to convert MP3s to this format? I "Googled" several pages, but didn't find anything that actually works. I'm sure Sony hasn't released its source code for the format.

Matt Whitlock
I currently own 4 MiniDisc

I currently own 4 MiniDisc players (only one with PC conenctivity). So far, I haven't found any program other than SonicStage that can convert MP3s to ATRAC3. I'll keep you posted if I find anything.


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