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Suggested Subwoofers

Hello, I recently recieved a Kenwood KAC-7201 800w 2-channel amplifier from my brother-in law and was wondering if anyone had advice on choice of subs for this amp. And i would like to know, if the amp is 800w, how many watts can my subs be? My knowledge of car audio systems is not very good so any advice would help. Thanks!

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Well first, you need to

Well first, you need to figure out it the 800 watts is RMS or not. RMS is a more acurate way of measureing wattage. I looked it up, and bridged this amp will do 460 Watts RMS, that would be 230 per channel. Pretty nice.

Most subwoofers will have two ratings. One will be on the box and will be high, thats not the RMS vaule. Eitehr do resaerch online, or ask a sales associate at like a Best Buy or something, sometimes they actually know what they're talking about.

The key here is not to buy a subwoofer that has a lower power handling capibility than your amp, or you run the risk of blowing the voice coils in your speakers.

Since the amp is two channels you can either run two sub, one off each channel, one sub with the amp bridged, or two subs with the am bridged. Running two with a bridged amp might get you into some trouble though depending on if you hook the subs to the amp. (parrellel or series)

Parrellel is louder, but harder on your amp, while series is quieter and easier on your amps circutry.

But for your application, You mihgt want to get two subs and wire one to each channel, the best of both worlds. You have a decent amount of power at each channel, and it would be the best for your amp. I had a 150 watt rms system with one sub and it sounded good, a 460 watt rms system with two subs will sound awesome.

As far as brands of apeakers go, names like Infinity and JL Audio are proably my favorite. I've heard both, and both are realyl good. Just comes down to howmuch you want to spend. I think Infinity is a little pricier, but has better sound quality.

Hope I didnt overwhelm you. I know theres a lot here to take in. If you have any more questions, just ask.


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thats a review of your amp with some specs you might need down the road


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