playin p2 games on pc

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playin p2 games on pc

I have heard that it is possible to play ps2 games on your pc, how true is this? assuming it true what would i need to have to make it happen?i have a p4 titan motherboard with a intel p4 processor, with a g-force fx 5500 agp 256mb ddr video card also have a sony dvdrw cd rom. i appreciate any help or advice. ty

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Hi well If you really want to

Hi well If you really want to play p2s games on a pc the best way is probley to get a emulator if you can find one if you use a emulator you must actally own the games Im not sure about acctally putting the games in your ps2 you'd need some software not sure where you would get it though and also a DVD-Rom drive.

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PS2 emulation is still in it

PS2 emulation is still in it's infancy. There's only one that I've seen that is far enough along to play some demo's, and from what I hear can even play a specific a few games. Emulators are hard to develop, and the PS2 can't be easy. From what I hear, even the most powerful computers can barely hit 30fps emulating a PS2 title.

Emulators take time, and whether or not it will ever work well depends on the devotion of the author. The people that make emulators are regular people with lives, and oftentimes they get started, lose interest, and never finish.

Anyway, the emulator that's furthest along is called PCSX2. Check it out, and if you really want to support development, you can donate to their cause. Remember, you should only use an emulator to play games you already own.


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