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Sharp Adding Machine

I have a New Sharp Adding Machine. I thought it would replace my calculator and make balancing my accounts faster and easier. Boy, was I wrong!
I cannot get it to start from a number and begin to subtract. It will take off the whole amount and want to add. Adding works. But the Subtracting does not do the reverse. I think I may have to send it back. Does anyone here have one and use one?

Matt Whitlock
Adding machines use different

Adding machines use different logic for how you input calculations.

To subtract 10 from 23 on a regular calculator you'd input: "23 minus 10 equals" and get your result.

The same calculation on an adding machine would be:
"23 plus 10 minus" which basically states you're adding positive number 23 from zero and then adding a negative number 10. It seems a bit awkward at first, but once you get the hang of things, you can do calculations on an adding machine much faster.

Good luck.

sharp EL1750P
Looking for a manual for the

Looking for a manual for the above adding machine. Directions liost and cannot feed paper


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