mp3 virgin!!

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mp3 virgin!!

hi all, hope someone can help me out, im a total mp3 virgin!!!! just got meself a wee mp3 and its tellin me i can use wma, i.e i presume i can double the capacity??????????? how in the heck do i do this???????? hope y'all can help wee me out.......many thanks

Matt Whitlock
The MP3 player has a capacity

The MP3 player has a capacity in terms of data space. For example, it could be 1GB or 256MB, or in the case of an larger iPod or Creative model, 30GB.

WMA stands for Windows Media Audio, which is another format that music can be encoded into. MP3 is another music format, just more universally known.

Unless your player has an expansion slot to add a memory card, you are unable to increase the player's capacity.

However, WMA can provide better sound quality at lower bit-rates than MP3. This means that the file size of the song could be smaller in WMA, but still have it sound good. This means that you can fit more songs in the same capacity.

Does that make sense?

If you don't understand a lot about audio formats, I just so happen to have written an article on the subject a while back, and even explain some of the more common digital audio formats. Check it out:

Feel free to post back here with any follow up questions.


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