Not Quite so portable iPod

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KarnaK The One Eye
Not Quite so portable iPod

I work a nightshift and listening to radio was killing me, it's just not my sort of music, so i bought some wireless headphones and an mp3 playing portable CD player, set it up and moshed the night away, but recently i dropped the CD player and i broke it, doh!!
I started looking at solid state players and i found the Freecom Network MediaPlayer-35 but the unit has not got a stereo jack for my headphones,it has got Phono Audio Output L/R.

What i want to know is can i buy a lead, Male Phono to Female Jack, to plug my headphones in or will i need some sort amplification.
If i need to amplify the sound can anyone suggest something that i can use.

I apperciate any help given


P.S. I've the soldering skills of a blind Aardvark so it will need to be a commercial product.


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