Repetitive journey of problems.

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Repetitive journey of problems.

I can't believe that right after I purchase a new mp3 player recently in search of fixing an error I received with my last one. I recieve the same exact problem again with my new one! You probably can imagine how frustrated I am after finding this out.
Well, to get to the most important part of my problem. The problem is that when I plug my RCA Lyra RD2312A. I'm unable to get into my extension drive which is on the F: drive. It says that there is 0kb in this drive which is complete BS because the memory chip indicates on it that there should be 128mb on it. Well that's basically what my whole problem is and again this isn't the first time I've had this annoying problem so if any help could be thrown out to me to finally tackle this problem would be an enormous weight taken off my shoulders! Thanx


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