Help with an MP3 player PUH-LEASE!!

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Help with an MP3 player PUH-LEASE!!

Ok so I have this awsomeness MP3 player that I have been satisfyed with since November, k? Well it happens to start makeing crackling sounds, or cuts out of the song too. I have to turn the earplug around the socket i plug it in to get the sound right, and i cant turn it or it will start makeing noises and cutting out, even if i just touch it. i've gotton several expensive, good pairs of earphones and it still does it. Please please please lemme know if u know whats wrong or how 2 fix it. Thanks bunches!! Email me if u no or i guess post it? i dont no how to use this site i just had this one question!! thanks!!

Matt Whitlock
Paris, It sounds like the


It sounds like the headphone terminal on your MP3 player is shorted or is intermittent. If this is the case, the only way of fixing it is by opening the unit and resoldering or replacing the terminal. Considering that many MP3 players are super tiny and hard to repair, you may need to contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

Good luck!


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