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Does anyone know how to get XP to capture (Or allow other programs to capture Video? Here's what I've got:
I have a Compaq Pressario, with XP home on it. I am trying to get it to allow me to capture video from my JVC GR-D33U video camera. However, not only will the windows video program not do it, neither will the Image Mixer 7.5-that came with the camera.
If I use the Imagemixer software, it will control the camera through the onscreen controls, but it will not display any imagery on the computer-ALTHOUGH it shows on the camera. Should you try to capture the video, it will inform you that the capture time was too short, and it has abandoned the operation.
In the case of the windows program, it acts the same way (Controling the camera, yet not showing imagery on computer screen.) Except, it will report that the file was corrupted, and will not play it.
Does anyone know how to fix this? I am about at my wits' end with it. I have tried using the KB885222 patch, and it worked for a day or so, but it went out again. Also, I have tried using the WinDV alternate program-again, zilch.
I am under considerable pressure for this, as I am an American Serviceman (Army Reserves) who has promised my commander a video of me demonstrating my martial arts training. And, whereas we do not ordinarilly have KP in the Reserves, if I don't have it for him the next time he sees me, he might just find a way to put me on it. Can anyone help?

Ron Repking (not verified)
Did you try using Windows

Did you try using Windows MovieMaker? It comes with XP and might solve your problem...


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