Software won't recognize the mp3 . . .

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Software won't recognize the mp3 . . .

I just bought a Samsung T7. I installed the software but it won't recgonize the mp3 when it's plugged into the computer so I can't download any music. I checked to make sure that it was plugged in all the way, the hold button was released and the mp3 was on.

I would appreciate any suggestions that anyone may have. Thanks.

Matt Whitlock
Can you provide some info on

Can you provide some info on the type of PC you're using, as well as the OS it's running?

I have a Dell computer with

I have a Dell computer with XP. I'm not sure what you mean by OS. Thanks.

Matt Whitlock
OS stands for operating

OS stands for operating system, but you answered the question by stating that your Dell runs Windows XP.

XP is pretty good at recognizing most digital audio players without the need for external software. However, if you tried to install their driver, you may run into problems if you tried to install it from a limited account. Reinstall when logged in as an administrator. Considering you really don't need their driver with XP, you could also try uninstalling their software and rebooting. Then, reconnect the player to the PC.

Samsung also recommends that you make sure your comuputer is up to date with the latest Microsoft updates, including Service Pack 2. Run Windows Update to make sure you're up to date.

Also make sure that you try plugging the player directly to the USB ports on the front or rear of the computer. Some devices don't respond well when plugged into external USB ports.

Try those suggestions and post back with your results.

So before I got a chance to

So before I got a chance to to do what you suggested, my computer crashed. Dell support said that Windows was corrupt and that I need to reinstall the program but will lose everything (and my pics and music are not backed up . . . I know, I know). Of course the warranty only covers hardware and software charges $300 for a 2x a year service.

The guy said that I could reinstall it myself but "the software department" could tell me another way of reinstalling the program without losing all of my info. Not sure if this is true though.


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