philips 29pt9113/05 - has my tube gone?? how do i tell??

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dawn walters
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philips 29pt9113/05 - has my tube gone?? how do i tell??

Hi, there. New to this so please forgive any faux pas ! I turned on my tv this morning and instead of the brightly coloured tweenies, i have a sepia coloured (brown) screen with fine brown lines on. I can hear fizz, bella, milo and jake ok, as the sound is perfect. I just can't see their smiling faces. Can anyone help? What can cause this loss of picture? I just want some general advice before i decide to do away with my trusty friend and upgrade to his younger smarter brother LCD :) thanks for reading, your comments will be welcomed.

Matt Whitlock
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Provided you've tried a hard

Provided you've tried a hard reset (unplugging the TV for 4 hours and plugging back in), and checked all of your video connections, then it's safe to assume the TV will need the gentle touch of a service man before it works, which is probably not worth it considering the type and age of the set.

I think the move to a new set is the best course of action.


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