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hi guys 1st post here and may i say the site which i only came upon by accident is 1st class some good info
any way my question is and hopefully a simple one is there anyway i can wire a set of speakers direct from a tv without having to purchasse a surround sound system
we have a shop with 4 speakers already wired and for some reason the cables are behind the tv which is high up we have the music channel on sky going most of the time but just wanted to play back through all the speakers

Matt Whitlock
Hi sparkies, Welcome to the

Hi sparkies, Welcome to the TechLore Community!

When you say you found us "by accident", can you explain what that means. I'm always looking for more ways to bring people to the site.

As far as your question goes, there are some possibilites, depending on the type of TV you have, but your hopes of wiring speakers directly to the TV probably won't work. While the TV does have an amplifier integrated to drive the TVs internal speakers, it isn't powerful enough to drive 4 "real" speakers.

Getting it to work won't be that difficult, but you'll need some sort of external amplfier. It doesn't need to be surround sound, but a 2 channel stereo receiver that can drive A+B channels simultaneously will do the job just fine. If it can't do A+B, you'll need to add an impedence matching speaker selector to do the job. Hit the used shops or ebay, and you'll find something pretty inexpensive.


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