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Home Theater help !!!!

I have a fairly new Insignia IS-HTIB102732 Home Theater system. It has been working fine until it suddenly clicked into DVD Mode then flashed the message "MSG-0" and shut itself off. I tried unplugging the system and powering it back up, but the problem persists. Any suggestions or should I return it.

Matt Whitlock
Unplug everything from the

Unplug everything from the unit and retest on a different outlet. Post back with your results.

i got the same theater system

i got the same theater system as well as message that the last kid so i did what you said and it still didnt work. it boots up-says msg 0- then says goodbye and shuts off. any advice??

i fixed the problem somewhat

i fixed the problem somewhat by removing the jumpers from inside the unit and when i fully powered it off and unplugged it and pressed power (to remove the charge it had) when i turned it on it went to the av1 part by default. i found theres some problem with the dvd portion of the program that messes everything up and creates the message "msg 0" any reason it would do thIS ON THE DVD FUNCTION?

I keep getting these messages

I keep getting these messages too and sometimes it works when i t feels like. which jumpers are you talking about. Could you give a little more detail because i would definitely try your method.

"MSG 0" means that there is

"MSG 0" means that there is something physically wrong with the device.  Take it back to where you bought it.  (I got mine from Best Buy; I'm taking it there tomorrow.)  From what I understand, "MSG 0" says nothing about what specifically is the cause of the trouble.


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