No sound from Sony STR-DE1075

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No sound from Sony STR-DE1075

I just received my "repaired" Sony receiver from Best Buy. I connected all of the cables as usual but when I finally powered the unit on, there was/is no sound.

I have used all of the troubleshooting tips included in the manual but nothing works. Can you help me understand what's happening?

Little bit more detail, I connected a DVD player to the receiver using an optical cable. The indicator lights on the front of the receiver displays that the 6.1 Audio is activated and kicking. However, no sound. Same with all of the other channels to include FM, AM and the CD player.

Hope this helps.

mary-ethel bradley
April 3/07:  I have Sony

April 3/07:  I have Sony Receiver Model STR-DE197 and the same thing is happening to me. After working for 1 year (purchased Nov. 2005) suddenly static and no stations from the radio. The receiver is hooked into the cable so that I can get sound for a CD played on the DVD machine and  sound for a video played picture-wise through the t.v. It has been sent out to Sony E-Link repair and they "resoldered cold/bad/poor solder joint" . I attached all the connections, plugged it in and still no sound. Sony seemed to think that the receiver wasn't receiving because the FM and AM ariels wern't attached. When I detached the receiver form the cable and put the FM and AM ariels on instead, still no reception/sound. Rogers Cable (despite Sony's theory) says it's nothing that they're doing with my signal. I have basic cable so not much interference with a signal that's in the highest signal strength geographical area. This receiver has been into the Sony store at Square One in Mississauga Ontario Canada 3 times, rolled along in a little red cart. I don't have a car. Not many Sony receivers get taken for rides/airings as much as I've taken mine. WHAT is the matter with my receiver ? Is there a smart Sony techie out there ? My receiver is now at Sony E-Link repair FOR THE SECOND TIME in one month. I don't think that Sony stands behind their products well, or even knows much about the workings of their products.>

Larry Dillon
Mary, Sorry that you are

Mary, Sorry that you are having so much trouble with this mid-priced receiver. :>(  This receiver happens to be a very good deal for the money.  The great sound and easy to use.  Now for your problem.  Yes electronics do have intermittant troubles sometimes and these are alot of times the toughest to find and repair.  If you do have anymore trouble with this, see if they can come to you so they(the repair folks at Sony) can see the problem for themselfs.  Also if you have anymore problems call the Sony factory or main offices listed in the owners manual and let them know about the troubles you are going through.  I hope you get this sorted aout and let us know how this turns out for you.  Good Luck

mary-ethel bradley
April 3/07: It's a mystery. A

April 3/07: It's a mystery. A technician from Sony E-Link (Miroslw) called me back and like the performing dog my receiver is performing perfectly. Miroslw even had another technician witness. He says to disconnect the cable because of "all spectrum channels" and connect the Am and FM antennae supplied by Sony ( which I told him I'd already done and it still didn't work). He said that he'd like to look at the wires (red and white plugs) into the back of the receiver as well as the wires into the back of the DVD player. My boss says maybe I should move the unit because when he's in his car sometimes the car in front can interfer with a signal...move a few feet and the car radio works. His theory is that something is interfering with the signal now, despite the fact that the radio worked fine for a year connected up to cable and in the same area it is now..I wish that obiwan would check in and say if/how they got their Sony receiver to work.

I guess I'll have to let Sony off the hook because Miroslw the technician sounds like he's a whiz and he says, fairly enough, that the Sony sales people are not technicians.

These receivers are known for

These receivers are known for the outputs going bad.  However, since you have reported that the unit appears to work for the servicers, I suspect another problem.  I need to know a few things.  First, are there any indications on the front panel when you get no sound?  For example: Protect?  If the initial "repair" consisted of the repair of bad connections, I would suspect the "pre-driver" chip (STK350-430).  These are also known for having problems.  It is possible that the heat of the resoldering operation "fixed" the internal problem within the large IC itself.  Cooling down the chip may show the problem more readily.  If you return this unit to a servicer, request that he/she use heat and or freeze spray on this chip.

I'll continue to research this and try to post other possibilities.


mary-ethel bradley
April 4/07 Wed.   Thanks Dan.

April 4/07 Wed.   Thanks Dan. I have noticed that the receiver gets quite hot after it's on for awhile and i remember reading somewhere that some of the inner parts are surrounded/coated with gel that can dry out over time or with heat but you'd think that the Sony technicians haveing had the unit twice would catch this and they do say it works for them.

                           There could be some hidden glitch peculiar to my hook-up system. I had a good Cd player that worked well for about 3 years and it stopped suddenly a few years back. It was in a unit in the same position in my apt. as the present new Sony unit. I left it alone for months then got it working for a short time then it stopped working again. There is a short partition wall behind the unit that is the back side of the kitchen wall. Maybe there's something in that wall (lead ? or wires ?) that's affecting the unit ?...Could it be the electric stove on the other side of the wall ?

mary-ethel bradley
April 4/07:  Hi Dan; I forgot

April 4/07:  Hi Dan; I forgot to add that the only lights I can remember seeing on the front of the receiver when the power was on were the 2 red speaker lights at the left of the front panel. When the volume was turned up or down that would display as well and it would show the receiver searching through stations very quickly but not taking in any to be heard. That's what I got but Miroslw at E-Link  did better and got it to sound.

FIrst of all, the unit should

FIrst of all, the unit should not be getting hot.  Warm maybe, but not hot.  Check your speaker wires.  If the shop connects the receiver to a load (rather than an actual speaker), they may find the system working as expected.  If you have a problem with the speakers or wires, you may have a lower load presented to the amp section than it requires.  The speakers should be 8 ohms of load.  A shorted speaker or wire will present a 4 or 2 ohm load.  This makes the amp work harder and generate more heat.  If you can, connect a different set of speakers and see if you still have the problem.



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