Audio popping noise when using HDMI

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Sydeshow MO
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Audio popping noise when using HDMI

Hello all, I am new to the forum. I have for the first time connected a DVD player to my HDMI port on my AQUOS (Sharp LC-26GA5U). Picture is perfect at 1080 but the audio makes a popping noise.

My thoughts are, the DVD player (NeuNeo HDV2081) only does interlaced or progressive over the HDMI port I think. The 26" AQUOS does not support either I think?

I could be wrong here but wanted to get a second opinion from someone that may have had this problem with the same or other TV.

Constant rythmic popping noise only on the HDMI source. All other inputs are fine.


Matt Whitlock
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Hi Sydeshow Mo, welcome to

Hi Sydeshow Mo, welcome to the Community.

HDMI is a great for picture, but there are still many issues with sound. Hopefully, it will improve over time. To get around it, I'd check the settings in the DVD player audio setup. If you're using the TV for sound, try and disable 5.1 output through HDMI and put it to PCM or some sort of Stereo format. It may clear it up. If not, you'll have to switch to the players component output for video and use one of the other audio outputs. That will limit your player's video output to 480p, but the difference will be neglegible, if any at all.

If you're using a seperate sound system, run the optical or coaxial digital audio output to the receiver, and bypass using HDMI for audio.

Good luck.

Sydeshow MO
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Thanks for the info.This

Thanks for the info.This setup is in the bedroom so its simple DVD direct to TV. I have decided to run componenet and it works fine.

I didnt know HDMI still had some issues. Sharp is actually sending a tech out this week since im still under warranty.

Thanks again,


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