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I purchased a PMP and a MP4 player from a company in China. The company name is Yinlips and the PMP is mosdel ydp402 with a 20gb HDD, when I try to use this on my desktop it is not a USB recognized device. On my laptop it recognizes it as a hard drive, I was told to format it as a seperate hard drive but this made no difference. I am hoping that someone could assist me with this problem, as it is it doesn't work, When it is referenced as the hard drive there are what appear to be Chinese symbols that appear before the F Drive. I am trying to avoid the loss of time shipping the units back if I can avoid it.
The MP4 player model YDX128 from the same company came with conversion software that doesn't work either, if anyone has any suggestions with a program that they could recommend to use i would appreciate it. Thank you.


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