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i have an iitronics imp-11 256mb mp3 player but ive lost the disc that came with it where can i get the software i need for it?

Ron Repking (not verified)
You can try here: http://www

You can try here:

Or send an email to [email protected]

ive tried that but ive got an

ive tried that but ive got an imp-11 and thares no downloads for it

hi i need a driver to run my

hi i need a driver to run my lyra rd1072a mp3 player for windows 98se

Matt Whitlock
Hi Rayman,

Hi Rayman,

RCA has a Windows 98SE/ME driver available on their digital audio site. You can download it here:


I've got a mp3 player (DV

I've got a mp3 player (DV-B101BLK) by Designer Vision.  Under plug'n'play ready support it lists Mac.  Is there any way to use this mp3 player with our Mac computer?  Do I need specific software, drives, etc.?  To contact Designer Vision is a problem because they are in London.     Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Matt Whitlock Thankyou that

Matt Whitlock Thankyou that worked great!Laughing


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