I need help with my Lg Vx6000

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The Korny Klown
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I need help with my Lg Vx6000

Well ive had my phone for about two years or so and recently the inside screen has stopped working. when the phone is on all i see is a blank, white screen. the outer lcd screen also does not work. nothing shows at all
everything else works perfectly, its just the screen.
and i do not wish to purchase a new phone because i have many downloads on it like games and ringers and i dont want to have to pay to buy them again.

someone help me please?

Matt Whitlock
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It is possible to have

It is possible to have telephones repaired if you send it in to the manufacturer. Unfortunately, it costs a fortune and there's no guarantee they won't wipe the phone anyway.

If you can find a USB data kit for your make and model, you may be able to use a PC to back up your games and ringers, provided you're capable of porting such stuff to your new phone. Of course, the data kit may cost more than buying the content all over again.

You're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Really, my best advice is to cut your losses, and make sure your next phone has something like Bluetooth, which can make it easier to move files to and from other Bluetooth devices. Also remember that wireless phone companies like to make it hard to move content off the phone. It provides incentive for customers to purchase the same content over and over.

Best of luck to you!


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