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3-D picture

I own a 2 1/2 year old 63" JVC TV. We recently had a power surge and now my TV is projecting a picture that looks 3-D WITHOUT the glasses, or double image with a red hue. Is this something that I can possibly fix on my own or am I going to need someone to come and look at it?

Matt Whitlock
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It sounds like a problem with

It sounds like a problem with the TVs convergence. You can attempt to re-align the TV yourself through the sets convergence adjustment options (look in your manual for instructions on how to do this).

If it doesn't work, or you see no actual improvement, it's likely that your TV has suffered damage from the power surge, and will need to be examined and diagnosed by a technician.

Best of luck.

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i have a similar problem. the

i have a similar problem. the convergence option did not work for me is it even worth fixing or should i just get a new tv? i have an 48in 1 1/2 yr old jvc


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