CD player stopped working

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ice cream
CD player stopped working

I have a Sony MHC-GX450, all of sudden the CD player does not read any of the disks. How do I trouble shoot CD player? Any suggestions

hi i have purchased a

hi i have purchased a panasonic sa-pm 29 cd player today it is an ex display model and the cd player was working but is now saying no disk for evry cd we put in it and i dont know what to do...



I recently put in a network connection, via CD disk, and I accidently left the disk in when I re-booted after install..... Now both my CD/DVD drives are no longer reconized by my puter....In device manager there isa yellow explination mark on both.

I tried to uninstall both several times but with no sucess. 

In properties, it give the following message:

Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)


I cant even do a repair without my CD drive

Larry Dillon
Marcia,  Are you running

Marcia,  Are you running windows XP?  If you are, do a restore point to when you know the computer was working and start over.  Just go to all programs under the start, click on accessorys, click then on system tools, then on restore.  Good Luck, and let us know how you made out.

I have tried that several

I have tried that several times.. it doesn't work eather

I can boot to the windows disk but it wont let me repair, I also tried to install an external cd player.. it also is not recognized

Larry Dillon
If your internet is working,

If your internet is working, try going to the manufacturers of the disc hardware and download a new version of the software and download that and install.

HI Larry,

HI Larry,

so sorry to take so long to get back to this site to give you a report

on how I fixed my problem

I went to Microsoft and did a search on the error code (19) and it gave me the option of fixing it for me, or letting me do it, I chose the first..... it went into my regestry and fix it as quick as a Wink of an eyeWink.... hallelujah, great day in the morning, it worked....sure wish all my problems could be fixed that way!!!Surprised

Thanks for trying!!

Larry Dillon
Great news, another success

Great news, another success story!  Thanks for getting back to us.

Just a note to "ice cream"

Just a note to "ice cream" and "Jamie4Ella"... I have gone through multiple sony CD players in the past 10 years or so.  They will just stop reading disks and throw error messages (or say no disk, dirty disk coded, etc, etc).  The culprit is the control unit for the laser pick-up...and Sony has indicated it costs more to replace than just buying a new one!   I have an Onkyo that is headed down that same path (not sure if brand has anything to do with the problem).

 My latest Sony single disk player, after tearing it down to investigate, is not spinning the disk at all.  If I have the top off and insert a disk and then "help" it start spinning, it works fine.  All the other players just plain malfunctioned (this latest Sony problem is something new).  

 i would say just get a new player...again I am willing to bet that the problem isn't limited to Sony, but I seem to buy that brand more often than not.  Maybe I'll try a different brand and see whatt happens.   Good Luck!

Tomolly:  If the unit

Tomolly:  If the unit functions correctly after you give the disk a little startup push, the problem is the spindle motor.  These can develop "dead" spots.  This is not an uncommon problem.  As far as the other units go, there is no "control unit" for the pickup.  Usually the problem is that the optical pickup itself goes bad.  There are laser diodes that generate and receive laser light within the pickup itself.  These have lifetimes on them and after a while start to weaken.  Once the thrteshold has been passed, they will no longer work properly.  Time for a new pickup.  Depending upon the specific model, the optics assemblies can be purchased for $20-$80.

Many Onkyo CD players utilize Sony optics assemblies, specifically KSS-213 and KSS-240 optics.

See other threads for a discussion on whether or not to have a repair done.


I have a Jensen cd/radio
I have a Jensen cd/radio player that I bought from target just after Christmas. It is already not working. Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.   
I have the same problem but
I have the same problem but mine lasted a little longer, the radio still works, but the cd player indicates various tracks but willno longer play

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